The administration program lets you easily enter users and provide them program access rights. This may be done individually by user or by user groups. A hierarchy for manager order approval is also provided.

Placing Orders

Users may order from their catalog or from other vendor catalogs. Catalogs may be indexed by item categories for easier access.

Users may also order imprinted or variably imaged items such as business cards from templates stored online.

Depending on their administration priviliges, users may ship orders to their cost centers, mass ship to cost centers or ship to any location.


Print ConX can display the new RESTOCKING program. This feature provides purchasing personnel the ability to display a "Summary of Items to Reorder" screen into which order quantities may be entered for each item and the order(s) submitted via Print ConX to us.


Your purchasing personnel may click on a "Reorder Notice" button for any item in the Summary ofItems to Reorder to generate an EMAIL REORDER NOTICE to departments for notification and authorization. The recipient completes the email reorder notice and submits it to the purchasing department for order finalization. The completed email reorder notice is also stored on-line with the item in the Order Status Report. Print ConX makes re-orders simple and convenient! A graphic of the email reorder notice is displayed below.


Authorized Print ConX users may display one or more of the following reports:

Below is a sample of a Cost Center Inventory Usage Report.


Message Center

Using the Message Center, e-mails may be sent to your sales representative.


Custom Imprinting

The Print ConX custom imprinting ordering system makes ordering customized business forms effortless. With one mouse-click, your printer downloads the PDF artwork and prepares it for production. Custom imprinting orders in Print ConX are fast, easy and hassle-free! To schedule a live demo of Print ConX's custom imprinting system, click here.

Print ConX Enhancements

If you require special enhancements to Print ConX, we can help. Our programming staff and support team will work with you to meet the special needs of your organization. For information about our special programming services, please e-mail a detailed request to

Custom Graphics

Print ConX can be customized with your companys' logo and graphics. This is one of Print ConX's most popular features. For information about custom client graphics, please contact


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